Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy


Between teaching 2 classes on Saturday at Karen and Friends Creations in Salem, creating samples with the new 2012 Dreamweaver stencils (to be released at CHA and sneak peaked here starting January 22!) and the latest addition to our family, I've been a bit busy. So instead of posting a new card for your eyes to feast on, I thought I'd post this adorable picture of little Lucy Marie!

Can you say precious?

I'll be back tomorrow with a new card and Thursday with my Dreamweaver weekly challenge.

And speaking of Dreamweaver challenge, how are you all coming on your Valentine's Challenge for the Dreamweaver blog?

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dgstamper said...

Congratulations. She is beautiful. From a friend from your Diva days. I'd love to hear from you