Thursday, December 27, 2012

Frosty Fun Finale

Happy Holidays!

Today's post is very short because to be totally honest, I am totally wiped out. Christmas done done me ie! That of course is a good thing because it means I spent time with my adorable, incredible, absolutely fantastic grandchildren!

This actually is an older card I made awhile back before I was on honored to become a part of the Dreamweaver Design Team. You see, I have been in love with Dreamweaver Stencils for quite some time and being on the Dream Team is just icing on the cake for me.

The card is very much me, clean and simple in design. Both the Snowflake ornament and the snowflake background were paste embossed with original Dreamweaver embossing paste and then sprinkled with crystal glitter. Very simple, very easy and very festive!

I hope something in one of the weekly Dreamweaver Dream Team posts has inspired you to participate in this month's Dreamweaver Frosty Fun challenge. The challenge this month is to create a wintery delight. As you've seen from this month's posts, it can be a card, an ornament, a vase....whatever your creative mind desires! There will be two winners, one for "Best Interpretation of the Challenge" and the other for "Best Usage of Dreamweaver products." Each of the winners will receive a brand new stencil design that will be released at CHA next month.

To enter just link up to Mr. Linky or if you don't have an online account, email your creation to Dreamweaver at

Thank you so much for visiting today. I wish you the bestest of new years and a wonderful, happy and healthy 2013.

Until next year when we "meet" again,


Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Frosty Hostess Gift

Every year I vow to make homemade gifts instead of giving store-bought gifts and everyone year I fail at that.

This year I am quite proud of the number of homemade gifts I actually did get made. (Of course, that was at the expense of making any Christmas cards but....)
Most of my gifts are quick and easy to make, and quite inexpensive. And today's post definitely fits that description!

It seems the rage this year seems to be embellished candles. All of the stores are carrying candles covered and decorated with glitter and gem. And they are quite expensive. I love the look but I didn't love the price so instead I made my own.

I've already shared with you embellishing candles with paste embellishments and paste embossing on glass. However I do know that there a one or two of you who are still not paste converts yet so this post is for you!

Using Dreamweaver's double-sided mounting paper and the double glitter technique, I created this with a 99 cent votive holder and a votive candle. Since I already had the stencil, the glitter and the double-sided mounting paper, this gift cost me less than $2 to make!!!

Supplies used:

LJ819 Snowflake stencil on double-sided mounting paper
adhered to a votive candle holder

I know from the picture above it doesn't look like much, but look at it all lit up set amongst my Santa hats!

I made several of these and have set them on a silver platter with faux snow and set it on the center of our buffet.

Please take a moment or two and give yourself a holiday gift by visiting all the Dreamweaver blog and all the other Dream Team blogs for some holiday inspiration. Remember you have until December 31 to create your Frosty Fun creation and submit it for this month's challenge!

Since I probably won't be posting again until after Christmas, I'd like to wish you all a wonderful, happy, healthy Christmas filled with lots of love and surrounded by friends and family.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Life!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Quick and Frosty Gift

I have a couple of Christmas favorites. One of them is to make homemade, inexpensive gifts for neighbors and co-workers. And since time is always an issue, they have to be quite inexpensive.

Another favorite thing of mine is to bring the outdoors in for the holidays. I love the scent of pine, cedar....and the look and feel of snow.

So with that in mind, I thought I'd share you with a very quick, very inexpensive gift I made that I made for a neighbor.

The technique is identical to that done by both Lynell and Louise last week. When doing Christmas presents, I find it is easier to stick with the same stencil, just vary the vessel for variety. It makes clean up much simpler and hence saves me LOTS of time.

The cedar is leftover from a garland I made and the vase was on sale for $4! Considering I already had the stencil, the white paste and the glitter, this entire gift cost me less than $5! You can't beat that for inexpensive!

I know the holidays are a busy time but please take some time for yourself and wander over to the other Dream Team blogs for some more holiday inspiration. Hopefully you'll find a few minutes to participate in this months Frosty challenge because I've seen the new stencils and you definitely do not want to miss out on getting one for yourself!

Hugs to you all and hope your holiday season is bright and merry!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quck and easy ornament

Ahhh...December! Brrrr....!!! This month Dreamweaver and the Dream Team  are challenging you to design a wintery delight. It can be something other than paper, but again there will have two winners: "Best interpretation of the challenge" and "best usage of Dreamweaver products".

This last month of the year we will award each of these winners a brand new stencil design we are releasing at CHA. (It's a secret until the very end of the month!)

So to get you in the frosty mood, I thought I'd share a Christmas ornament I made using the LL399 Antler Snowflake, Regular embossing paste and glitter!

This was so quick and easy. Just paste the snowflake on a piece of transparency and sprinkle with glitter while its still wet. Once try, using a circle cutter or die, cut the snowflake to the same radius as the inside of the ornament. Roll the ornament up over a chopstick, slide inside and remove the chopstick. As it unrolls, use the chopstick to anchor it to the sides of the ornament. I added some faux snow inside and voila! all done and ready for hanging on the tree! (Only problem is that when I took the picture, I failed to realize that one of the prongs was still outside the ornament--oops!)

Please check out the other Dream Team for other blogs and then get busy working on your own creation. December is a crazy month for most of us, so don't delay or you'll miss out on winning a brand new, not even yet released stencil!
And remember, if you don't have a local stamp store to purchase your Dreamweaver product, you can always get all that you need over at Stencil with Style.