Thursday, October 18, 2012

A PCP Giveaway!

So, a couple of weeks I shared with you this stunning pendant that I made using Polymer Clay and Dreamweaver's LJ906 Maple Leaf Branch stencil.

Dreamweaver L906 Maple Leaf Branch
Dreamweaver Metallic F/X
on Polymer Clay

I had so many wonderful emails and comments that I created a tutorial on how it was done and posted it on my PaperCraft Planet's blog.

Leave me some love on the PCP blog and remember to add what stencil you'd like to win if you are the lucky winner of the weekly Dreamweaver stencil Giveaway on PCP!

1 comment:

paleopal said...

Love the pendant! I so want to make one just like it! Therefore I'd love to win the Dreamweaver's LJ906 Maple Leaf Branch stencil.