Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Festively Fall Candle

Okay, so we all know how incredible and versatile Dreamweaver stencils are for making cards and scrapbook pages BUT did you know they are also great for home decor projects? WHAT you say? Well, today I will share with you a FAST and very, very EASY project perfect for your fall decorating or even your Thanksgiving table!

LL471 Leaf Icon Stencil
Gold and Copper Embossing Paste
Isn't this candle just beautiful? And to think I just took a cheap pillar candle by using the LL471 Leaf Icon stencil and embossing paste!

To begin, firmly secure a piece of waxed paper or palette paper onto your work surface.Then, just like as if you were using cardstock, tape your LL471 stencil onto the wax paper.

I pasted it once with gold paste and then a second one with copper paste. Now just set aside to dry. I usually let mine dry overnight because I want it to be completely dry. I don't use my griddle for this because I'm not sure how the waxed paper will react to heat, but if you're feeling brave, give it a try!
Now comes the "tricky" part. Once the pasted leaves are completely dry, gently peel them off the waxed paper. I usually use my palette knife to get started and then very gently pull it off the waxed paper with my fingers.
To attach to the candle I just gently rub it onto the candle with  my fingers and then give it a quick zap with my heat gun for the wax to soften and incorporate the paste image ever so slightly. You can also use glue or glue dots to adhere it as well.
Doesn't this open up a million more stencil possibilities for you? Just think of all you can do for your holiday decorating. Imagine doing this but sprinkling on glitter to the wet paste. Oooooh I can see the sparkle now. Or what about doing it with leaves, the Molten Magic technique and Metallic F/X? Oh the possibilities.
Here's a more glitzed up version, where I added glitter to the wet paste and then embellished with pearls for accent.

Which one version do you prefer?
Just think, you're Dreamweaver stencils have now become a sticker maker! Who woulda thunk it?
Just remember, this technique truly works best on solid images. If there are a lot of cutouts or bridges, it will make it just a bit trickier!
After leaving me some love, please  head over to the other Dream Team blogs to see what wonderfully fall creations they have in store for you.
Until we meet again, hugs and happy creating.


Pam Hornschu said...

Okay. This is just amazingly clever. That's cool that it will peel off of the wax paper. What a great idea, and what a gorgeous candle! Will this be your tutorial on PCP next week?

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Love and Louise are kindred spirits today! Just gorgeous for a Festively Fall creation.

Louise said...

So funny that we both chose this technique! I love how those leaves look on the pillar candles! Beautiful!